Welcome to the exclusive Equinox Rewards Program for Current Account Holders!

  • This program is effective from 1st January 2021, and all transactions / service registrations done on (or) after 1st January 2021 is considered for reward point calculation.
  • We at Equitas Bank, ensure to make your every transaction count by rewarding with Equinox points, which can be redeemed anytime at your convenience.
  • You can check the points earned every month by just logging-in either with your Firm Customer ID (Firm UCIC*) and password or with the Current account Debit Card and password.
  • You can sign-up easily with your registered Mobile Number provided at the time of Account Opening along with Firm’s UCIC or Debit Card.
  • Accumulated points can be redeemed through our Equinox page under ‘Redeem Points’ site or can be gifted to anyone through gift cards/E-vouchers. Here's how redemption works:
  • Reward Points earned with Equitas Debit cards are valid only for 365 days from the date of accrual and any points not redeemed during this period will lapse. Point expiry is based on first-in first-out (FIFO) approach where points earned first will expire first.


Earn Equitas Bank Points for Every Transaction & Registration of Services

  • RTGS/ NEFT (Outward)

    100 Points for Min. 5
    transactions in a month
    Max. 100 points per month

  • Equitas ATM Cash Deposit

    100 Points for cash deposit
    of Rs.10,000 or more through ATM
    Max. 100 points per month

  • POS Installation

    1000 Reward Points
    on installation of POS
    (one-time only)

  • Equitas ATM Transactions

    100 Points for cash withdrawal
    of Rs.20,000 or more through ATM
    Max. 100 points per month

  • Card Issuance / Renewal

    100 Points per annum on
    issuance / renewal
    Max. 100 points per annum

  • Register for

    Internet Banking

    50 points One-Time Only

  • Register for

    Mobile Banking

    50 points One-Time Only

* For Firm UCIC, refer from Email/ SMS sent at the time of account opening or from Current Account Cheque Book.

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